A History of Planning

Creating a Sense of Place

From some of the community’s earliest known planning efforts, residents and business leaders have envisioned a central gathering place where our collective livelihood and sense of community spirit fuses within a framework encompassing two of our most iconic landmarks – the Lake Lure beachfront and the 1927 Lake Lure Inn.

Whether it was referred to as downtown development, the creation of a Main Street experience or what we refer to today as simply our beloved Town Center, the vision has remained.

Through economic downturns, competing resources or limited finances, it seems nothing has deterred the collective vision to create this sense of community place in the heart of Lake Lure's sweeping vistas.

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The Welcome Center

Welcoming Visitors & Residents

When you visit the welcome center in Lake Lure, you immediately enjoy a deeper connection to our area by discovering the purpose behind each element of the building's interior and exterior.

Characteristics from the rich diversity of Rutherford County are blended together into one harmonious facility, thus reflecting the ethos, history, culture and personality of our area.

Those are the details. But what really catches your attention as you enter the front door is the striking wrought iron landmark that draws you inside to learn more.

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Lake Lure's Medical Center

Medical Center Staying Busy

Now in its third year of operation, the Mountain Area Health Education Center, MAHEC, the Lake Lure Professional Park is enjoying great success. Many local residents are moving their healthcare needs to the center.

The full service medical facility has been a long time in the making, but brings to Lake Lure the completion of plans and recommendations that have been on the drawing board for many years

Drs. Grey Tilden and Kate Sloss head up the practice, which offers a full slate of services for men, women and children.

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